Searching For The Questions

I think it is common, when one starts a blog, to write on the purpose of the blog.  Most simply, my purpose here is to explore in writing, the questions which come to my mind.  Most especially, the questions which defy simple answers, by their very nature.

I read somewhere once that answers are simple; that it’s the questions that are complex.  And I can certainly agree with that.  So often, though it’s just as often overlooked (or swept beneath a rug), a question itself houses within it, so many assumptions as to cause the mind to reel.  This mind, anyway.

And I’ve never been particularly comfortable with assumptions.  The awareness of their presence causes me to qualify questions, to answer them with more questions, and to generally acknowledge the nuances which so often go unaddressed.  This is important to me, even if I’m the only one in the room doing it, and I need to reason, tooth and nail to get others to see and admit it.  It’s not because I am a nitpicker in general, but because I love accuracy, and feel that it serves us.  I feel we benefit when we take the time to say what we actually mean; to actually mean what we say.  I love actuality, even when it does not suit me particularly kindly, or make me happy.

For me, the only way to really know an answer is to ensure that the question is the right one.

So here I am, searching for questions.  You’re welcome to join me, if you like.


About (Blue) Kim Anderson

Nipissing Ojibway and Celtic singer, songwriter, writer. Permanent student of life and the natural world, two-spirited, teacher, parent, friend.
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