I’m Not Afraid to Love You

Time and time again, as I sat with my Elders and Healers and Teachers and Seers, I was taught about The Seven Grandfathers: honesty, truthfulness, kindness, bravery, humility, wisdom, and love.  Over and over, the teaching that to know love is to know all of the Grandfathers.

And I know love.

And by I know, I mean intimately.  I mean up-close and personally, because I live it.  Because I seek that which is lovable and to be celebrated, even in my most committed of enemies.  Because what can I do?  What does my hatred and anger do for the world?  How do I make the world a better place, when I’m coming from a small mind, and a fearful mindset?

No, I cannot.  It is too dis-empowering.  It is too clawing, and it is too starved.  It is too weak and ineffective.  But love.  Oh, love is so powerful.

So, it’s okay if you don’t love me back.  I don’t need you to.  I don’t even need you to know or acknowledge that I love you.  I just need to love you.

Because, the more love there is in the world, the better it is for all of us.  And this is me doing my part.  Despite that many others would disagree, knowing my story as they do, I have been incredibly lucky.  Because I needed to fight to survive, as a child.  Because I was betrayed and abandoned, and abused, I knew well the terrifying value of love when I met it.

I knew and know its power to transform: lives, mindsets, patterns, places, people… Societies.  And that’s the power I tap into to drive myself forward, and to underpin my actions with worthy intent and with self-sufficient and independent joy.

See, I can be loving and joyful if I want to.  And that choice is something that no one, ever, can take from me.  It’s mine.  And I love it.  And it’s yours too, if you choose to have it – but that is your path, and not mine; and you will make and unmake that decision as you see fit.  As it should be, in my opinion.

And I do get angry, of course.  And I do feel overwhelmed and frustrated and saddened and jealous at times, and all sorts of other emotions.  And I’ve never once made any one of the underlying conditions actually better without love.  So, it works.  It heals, and it never abandons me.  It is always there, whenever I reach for it.

Even you, PM Harper.  I’m not afraid to love you.  You have been broken down and damaged.  And indoctrinated into short-minded and greedy, treacherous ways.  You have been stripped of your birthright, which is love.  You have been battered and bruised and harmed by the teachings of those around you, and still, I believe in you.  I believe that you too are capable of evolving into a loving being.  I do not hold false hopes, for they are lies.  And I do not distort for myself, the actuality of you, for that too is a lie.  I do, however, choose to love you.  And I know, no matter what anyone says or does, that it matters that I do.

This here?  What’s going on on the Earth right now?  This is evolution.  This is a spiritual war, and it is expressed by and through the people – all of the people.  Those who act to stand in the way of human evolution will get theirs.  And those who stand idly by while the rest of us work, they will also reap their just consequences.  Those who do the good work with dark hearts and minds, too, will eat what they plant.  And I won’t need, ever, to do a thing to encourage or actualize those consequences, either.  See, there is no such thing as getting away with a thing.  You are a spirit being, housed in a local entity, too.  You are connected, and a part.  And the whole of Creation, in Spirit, knows well what you do, and do not, and exactly who and how you are.  And the whole of Creation, in Spirit, responds accordingly, without my interference.


So…  No matter what you do, and where you go: Please do proceed as though you are infinitely lovable, and capable and deserving of love.  Because you are.

Peace in.


About (Blue) Kim Anderson

Nipissing Ojibway and Celtic singer, songwriter, writer. Permanent student of life and the natural world, two-spirited, teacher, parent, friend.
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