Fun With Colonized Media: J.J. McCullough’s Hilarious Map to Privileged Indignation

J.J. McCullough paints a hilarious ad hoc roadmap to privileged indignation by way of disinformation, assumption, deceit, disrespect, bullying, fear and greed in Media Bites today.  The literary tantrum of the seemingly spoiled and emotionally challenged middle class writer points to a spiritual and intellectual deficiency all too commonly seen in trolls.  These exact deficiencies are the intangibles I’m hoping #IdleNoMore will address in the world around us, in fact.

Of course, I don’t expect you, J.J., to take the time to get that; I’m sure you’re too busy poring over treaty texts, historical and legislative accounts of the relationship between the Canadian government and First Nations people, and all the information you can possibly find on epigenetic science.

Never the less, it’s fun to play little games with such bites of writing.  I call this game: Spot the Colonization Tactic.  I base it on what I learned via Tannis Neilson, of the writings of Hayden Bridges, at #IdleNoMore Toronto’s Ryerson University teach-in.  Hayden has broken down colonization into 5 easily recognizable, not necessarily linear steps.  They are:

  1. propoganda/denial
  2. destruction
  3. eradication
  4. denigration, belittlement, insult
  5. surface accommodation

Can YOU spot the colonization tactics used throughout the article?

😉 I bet you can.

Start playing now.


About (Blue) Kim Anderson

Nipissing Ojibway and Celtic singer, songwriter, writer. Permanent student of life and the natural world, two-spirited, teacher, parent, friend.
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One Response to Fun With Colonized Media: J.J. McCullough’s Hilarious Map to Privileged Indignation

  1. Wow! What an embarassment McCulloughs piece is. If he was hoping to score points with satire…he’s failed miserably and epically!

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