#J11 Today – The First of Many Posts this January 11th, 2013

Ridiculously sick in body today. I do believe I’m suffering the physical effects of a broken heart. 

My trip to Ottawa was a bust before I even could make it out of the city, there are those who work hard and loud to discredit Idle No More, and those who remain stubbornly and willfully ignorant of the actions of the governments they pay and support, and my twitter account has been suspended – seemingly because I showed the truth and facts to the wrong people – people who didn’t want to hear or know it.

So what will I do? I will keep on keeping on, of course! “No matter what happens,” as my friend Morris often told me, “just keep getting up.” Or, as my friend Wolfgang told me, via a note left in the studio he left for me, just before he died, “THOU SHALL NOT STAND IDLY BY.”

SO, I will watch Sovereignty Talk with Idle No More founders here: http://idlenomore.ca/index.php/item/81-video-stream, keep an eye on what Wab Kinew has to tell us about what’s going on in Ottawa today, write and write and write and continue to do my best to #DecolonizeMedia, debunk media myths, combat complacency and ignorance to create awareness, clarity and hope. All from inside the house.

🙂 There will also be drumming, singing, praying, ceremony.


About (Blue) Kim Anderson

Nipissing Ojibway and Celtic singer, songwriter, writer. Permanent student of life and the natural world, two-spirited, teacher, parent, friend.
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