Bad Dreams and Careless Consumerism

So, there was this dream about a week ago.  Scared the heck right out of me, too…!

Consumerism_ Anti_consumerism_by_Bulhakov

I am at Wal-Mart browsing/shopping… Not much there – store seems under-stocked, empty of merchandise. (meaningless?) Suddenly people start dropping, pierced, tiny blades/darts, in third eyes, attacked. (Vision, intuition, knowing – death of/at/in spirit vision – spirit vision murdered…?)

I hide behind a group of small display walls – they’re very empty also – grey.  Police officers….  Many, all around the store in S.W.O.T. uniforms.  One comes across from me, starts just chatting to me – about to ask me out – his partner is killed by a dart/pin/needle to the forehead.  The mass murders are very coordinated, there is the strong impression of a woman at the head of the organization.  I see Son.  He is young, maybe 4 years old – slightly uncoordinated.  I crouch back down, the man officer that was just about to ask me for a date is dead.  I dash out and grab Son and run for a storage/employee room, rushing Son along with me.

We get into the room, another murderer in there, male, possibly twenties.  He has kitchen knives, I see one on the counter, pick it up.  Room is empty save an L-shaped counter along the wall, stainless steel.  There is another set AutaAutistik_Consumerismof double doors ahead and to the right, in the corner of the room.  Another young male comes through those doors, armed as well, and they begin to banter with one another.  The newest comes toward Son, on my left.  I push son back and a bit behind me, and put myself between he and the men.  I advance so that they are focused on me, and they start stabbing me – I am slashing at them, also, thinking how ineffective a weapon is a knife, and understand the appeal of guns.  They come closer, are still bantering, but Son is safe for now.  I don’t know how I’m going to get out of this alive, and how I will protect Son.

So… I am not anti-economy, and I do not hate consumerism blindly. But I do realize, a week after this dream occurred, that I have no fracking idea where the vast majority of my dollars go, ultimately.  For all I know, the company who sells the delicious organic baby carrots I just discovered at my local supermarket donates money to Super-White-Uber-White-Superiority-Inc. or some such thing!  I really don’t know.  Maybe they’re a subsidiary of a company with sweatshops all over China.  Maybe their ecological footprint is vast, and horrible. I don’t know!  And it has occurred to me that this is unacceptable.

I realize that the world is a big, big place.  And I understand that so many things are so interconnected.  It will not be easy information to come by, I don’t think. And I don’t expect it to be easy to shift to ethical consumerism. Further, I absolutely do not intend, ever again, to stop holding the governments accountable for what they do and allow. For example, if Canada is supposed to have been leading nation in human rights, then why are products created in sweatshops even allowed for sale in Canada?

If I continue to put convenience and willful ignorance ahead of my responsibility to my human family, it is fair to expect businesses to continue to put earning a dollar ahead of the well-being of all of us.  And this too, I find unacceptable.

There is great value to organizing, mobilizing, and allying with larger, more powerful activism groups to effect political change, and those too, I will learn more about in the coming weeks, months, years.  For now, I will start with some reading on the Environmental Working Group site, this Wikipedia article on “Ethical Consumerism”, and this article on ethical consumerism on


About (Blue) Kim Anderson

Nipissing Ojibway and Celtic singer, songwriter, writer. Permanent student of life and the natural world, two-spirited, teacher, parent, friend.
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