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Nipissing Ojibway and Celtic singer, songwriter, writer. Permanent student of life and the natural world, two-spirited, teacher, parent, friend.

Interesting People

Live honestly.  Speak the truth.  Respect self and others.  I can almost guarantee that if you do these things, you will be one of the most interesting, courageous, lovable, brilliant people you will ever know. Advertisements

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Telling Sories: If Wishes Were Hunting Knives

Trigger warning. Dear Reader(s): I have been to some very dark and distressing places in my life experiences, and in my mind.  And I do feel the need to share this story.  However, it is ghastly, and gross, in my … Continue reading

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Bad Dreams and Careless Consumerism

So, there was this dream about a week ago.  Scared the heck right out of me, too…! I am at Wal-Mart browsing/shopping… Not much there – store seems under-stocked, empty of merchandise. (meaningless?) Suddenly people start dropping, pierced, tiny blades/darts, … Continue reading

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Absolutely Not the News – National Post Feb.08.2013

The National Post ran an interesting bit of conjecture as news on Friday, with Liberals under Justin Trudeau could clinch a majority, new poll shows by Allison Cross. Personally, I find this type of article irritating.  Especially when it’s jammed into the News section … Continue reading

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the white paper and The Idle No More movement

the white paper and The Idle No More movement.

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On Media and Critical Thinking

I have, at times, a rather sick sense of humour. I have been up to my digital eyeballs in newscasts, online articles, and paper articles for the past month.   And while it does stress me, I sometimes find myself bellylaughing helplessly … Continue reading

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